Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Creating Space that is YOU!

I feel that we as humans are influenced so heavily by others and are drawn to things we feel we should be drawn to and not just things we personally prefer. I can easily see how someone walks into a home décor store and feels pressured to make choices that they feel their friends will like or items that portray a certain look. I have found myself doing this many of times, such as basing the color scheme of my bedroom off of the latest Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Or like buying one specific collection through Target's home décor line only to come home and after looking at it for a week realize it’s not even a color or pattern I am in love with and end up returning all of it. 

Here’s a huge secret of mine: I didn’t decorate my new bedroom for over a year and a half. Yes, A YEAR AND A HALF! I always felt pressured into liking a certain thing that I never had the guts to paint or buy because I knew it wasn’t really me. After looking at this situation I finally decided to bite the bullet and put my FIRST nail in the wall and hang some stuff up. I am obsessed with wall art collages and recommend everyone add one to some wall within their home. I feel this wall tells a story - my story - and I am so glad it’s the first thing I see when I wake up, the thing I look at while I type this blog, and the thing that I created all on my own (not counting the help from my dad that took place during the hanging process, thanks dad!) This is how to create a space that is truly YOU…on a budget of course!

I first started with three main items, the long shelf I already had from my mom, zero dollars. The large frame was wood tone; it was a freebie from my aunt, also zero dollars. And finally the smaller shelf I found at my local goodwill, it was only a buck! I spray painted the large frame and small shelf with a 98 cent can of black matte finish spray paint from Walmart.

I then added smaller frames to the mix and filled them with art, handpicked off of the best site in the world, wait for it, wait for it…..PINTEREST! These smaller frames were a mix, some I had lying around and some my boyfriend had given me that were his grandmothers, which I felt added even more of a sentimental touch! The large gold braided frame I bought at a thrift store for only 50 cents, it was missing the glass but still had the card board backing. I painted the cardboard backing with chalk paint and VOILA, a changing piece of art. Most recently it’s been rocking that arrow art. I did a little IKEA hack and turned one of their basic frames into a shadow box, I filled it with 100 roses my boyfriend had once given me. This was a great way to display them without taking up so much space, let me know if you’d be interested in seeing this DIY!

Finally time to fill in all the gaps. This was my absolute favorite part and had so much fun picking out pieces that I loved and expressed who I am. The sun mirror was only three dollars at my local goodwill AND I got it for 50% off, YAY! It was originally silver but I bought a small can of gold spray paint from Walmart. I’ll have to leave the name of it in the comments; I know I found it in the craft section because it wasn’t too shiny like the rest of the golds that were in the spray paint section. Along with the sun I also spray painted the small cat figurine (something my mom had lying around), gotta have those cats! Along with those three keys which were actually great quality and I found them in the Michael’s craft store dollar section! The top shelf I decided to display my Alice in Wonderland shadow book, custom made by me of course (comment or message me if you’d like to see a tutorial on this!) I ended up pairing the shadow book with a tarnished sterling silver creamer that I thrifted, since I felt there tea party vibe played off of one another so well. And there you have it, a space created by me, for me! And guess what? I absolutely love it!

The total project cost me under $10, and I don’t know about you but it certainly doesn’t look like a ten dollar wall to me! Again, this has to be one of my all-time favorite projects. You can customize these walls anyway you like, fill those frames and shelves up with the pretty things that YOU love!

Just an added bonus, a few pictures of my favorites up close and personal...

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